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Pretty regularly I peruse Craigslist and search for key words.

Things such as stainless, commercial, hydraulic, etc.


2 days ago I found an ad that read...


Title: "huge prosfessional brand from sams club bbq stainless - $75 (merritt island)"


Body: Works great, needs to be cleaned. Paid over $1100 from Sams.


I asked the lady to send me a picture.


She told me it worked well, and that it needed a really good cleaning, that it was really dirty.


When I got there to pick it up, it was obviously dirty and very neglected.


After 4 hours of cleaning, I am extremely happy with my purchase.


Cooked steaks, chicken and sliced zucchini.






It cooks like a champ and is a heck of a lot better than my old home depot special - hand me down.

I checked online and the listed price when it was sold was between 800 and 1000.

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wow, what a steal

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75.00 sounds like someone had a divorce. Anyhoo you lucked out.

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Nice score! Grats!

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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I'm a total Craigslist stalker - check in every few days with current wants.  Got my pro-type grill there (Lynx w/ side burner-they were switching to a BGE) and my cookshack smokette!  It's so fun to score a deal!

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Nice Score!!!

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Or died more likely.

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Real nice score Nick. How come I never find deals like that?

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I think I might hold the record for cheapest MES 40" found on CL at $100.


A good gas grill is my next thing to watch for.

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You need to look at a site called craiglook. You can set it up with your key words and it will send you emails when something gets posted that meets your search. It works really well.  I have it set up looking for a used commercial meat slicer.

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My bad.. after I posted I found out craigslist had them shut down the craiglook site. They are going to try to work something out.... Sorry!

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