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LMAOROFL....Squirrel, that was brilliant!  Fun, Sexy, extraordinarily wonderful prose!  Whew!  Best post I've seen in a LOOOOOONG (;->) time!

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I'll have to say that whatever you did to that chuck roast sure did make it look good in the end shot!  Looks great!

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LMFAO  You are closer to the nut than the squirrel side of things..  You do know that breathing from the exhaust stack on your smoker deprives the brain of oxygen??  LOL   Great looking food as usuall..  I will have to try the cubing and frying!  Looked fantastic!

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Can't believe no one beat me to it .

 Now you are the BRIDE OF CHUCKIE!!!

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I love this forum, and I love Squirrel!  Nice work and an over-the-top Q-view -- as usual!!!  If we're ever in Georgia...

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LOVE it!! Great work Squirrel-girl!

(and I CANNOT stop giggling!!)

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Haha go Mel Gibson on him!  So thats why I keep having trouble getting stuff up to temp.  I'm gonna have to try one of these, take it to the Thunderdome!

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Ok, your pics convinced me to ask you for a whiff of whatever you're smoking. You really know how to hurt a guy. the AMNS ain't got nothing on you...

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looks like a great plate of goodness...............

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Clearly you people need professional help (starting with you, Squirrel!)! 






Nice job on killing your lover before his bodily functions took over!  Now it's just you making that noise! 

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That chuck looks awsome! I love the roasted garlic idea- I assumed you smoked the garlic? I was thinking about smoking several heads of garlic and using the cloves for smoked garlic butter and smoked garlic infused olive oil.


By the way- there are plenty of great decaf brands on the market now.

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As i sit here with my innards boiling with excess stomach acids, I smile at yet another great Squirrel post, LOL

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BBQ PORN!!!!!!LMAO,Awesome job squirrel

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

Holy cow, Bear that is beautiful! What great detail. I love the baby ones too! Oh, and I'll feed yer silly bear, with a LEFT HOOK!



Now you did it!

That Bear is hiding behind the garage. Please call off your boxing squirrel !  

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Now Cheryl you have inspired me to smoke a chuckie but I like my wife. So nothing like what happened to you will rub off on mw now will it......?? I don't want to smoke one of your new cousins or anything like that. So maybe I'm post it but it will be really hard to keep up with you, an that's for sure.

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oh.   Squirrel.    You make my double chuckies and pork threesome seem........so cheap.    Chuckie seemed to be seducing everybody this week.

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LMAO. Squirell, you are a nut. Great post. Way to keep us all laughing. Oh... and it looks pretty darn good too.

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Cheryl, you scare me.


Nonetheless, I love your posts!!! Every time I see what you cook, I'm inspired to try and recreate the recipe.

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I didn't know Squirrels were carnivores. That looks awesome. Great post, pics and prose.

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Ok I give up.


I officially announce my request to live at Squirrels house, as her slave, pending an agreement that involves eating these creations.


Squirrel, let me tell you a bit about that you will get:


31 year old male


Able to use most smokers

Decent selection of kitchen ware, including my own KitchAid Pro 6, and various other pots and pans.



 - 6' 2", 225 lbs 


Please... I just need the fooooood..



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