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Flour ?

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What about smoking flour for a Roux?  Most of the good gumbos have a great smoky flavor. 


So I am thinking of smoking everything then combining it in a traditional manner.  So I would smoke my chicken, my shrimp, my sausage and flour.  And then add it all back in once I have it all prepped.

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Never thought about doing this, but I would imagine the flour would have to pick up some smoke.  It sure brings up some interesting possibilities. 

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Squirrel has smoked flour on several differant occasions. Shoot her a PM, I'm sure she could fill you in on the details.

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What hasn't that girl smoked?

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A chuckie till she smoked and ate one today. She has also said that it did pick up a bit of smokey flavor. Heck give it a shot and let us know how it comes out.

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