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Hey Pokey,


Oak Bourbon Barrel and Oak Wine Barrel hold on to moisture, for some reason.  Not sure if it's because of the oak itself or the alcohol that was previously in the barrels.  That said, "NUKE" 2-3 cups of sawdust for 60 seconds, and give it a stir.  Repeat the nuke process and dump it in your AMNS. 


I don't see any intake on your smoker.  My guess it uses leakage at the door for air/oxygen.  Try cracking the door a little to get a little more draft thru your smoker.  You'll be very surprised at how a little draft makes the AMNS burn better, and more complete.


Dump the large drip pan.  Here's why.....It restricts airflow, and you need a little bit of a draft to make your AMNS burn faster.  If you need to protect the AMNS, make a foil pup tent  and loosely place it over the AMNS.  It will also deflect some of the heat.  Try lighting both ends.


You can always PM, email me or call me if you have questions or concerns!!






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