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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Guess I wasn't smart enuf to think of an "Alias"...


Too busy grinding sawdust!





I make a lot of sawdust too.  But by the time I sweep it up off the floor I don't think it's smoker quality.

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Hey Rich, Great review of a great product. Your stuff for your Chile Verde sound great, but where's the q-view for the finished product.

It sound really good, I never thought of smoking onions, but I 'm at the point of, if I can eat it, can I smoke it? Good Job here's your


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Good review!


If I could add one usage idea: This is not a fullscale heat-generating system, so you don't need to keep the intake or exhaust wide open. The fuel is burning so slowly and 'smallishly' that a mere crack of the exhaust vent and a partly-opened intake is all you need. That will retain the smoke in the chamber long enough for it to be useful while keeping out the cold AND keeping the fuel from getting wind-whipped - which in this case could a) blow out the burn completely, b) make it burn faster than you want, and/or c) actually blow your lightweight sawdust fuel out of the maze (and possibly all over your product).


On the Weber kettle, I'm opening the exhaust vent perhaps 25% or less while keeping only one of the three bottom intake vents open.

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Good review, Richoso.  I just got my 6x6 AMNS, and was pleasantly surprised at how sturdily made this thing is.  Empty, it weighs 3/4 pound, and not a sharp edge anywhere.

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