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Sunday Pizza

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100_2082.jpgSince I have a turkey brining for a smoke tomorrow i made a pizza today. I used classico spaghetti sauce with carmelized onions and garlic, a layer of hard salami, smoked muenster and cheddar cheese, sweet italian sausage and mushrooms. Since the cheese was smoked I tossed this one in the oven. Nothing like football, pizza and a cold one.

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The perfect fall day!  Nice work!!! 

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Looking good. Sometimes the best ones are the simple ones - I could go for a slice right now

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that looks great man, love me some homemade pie!

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Man that looks dang good.

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That does look great and crust looks like it turned out great!  

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Thanks all, the best thing is cold pizza for breakfast.

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That looks awesome. Nice work.

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