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that looks great.  i use my turkey fryer quite a bit but never done a ham.  thanks for sharing!!



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Glad to see it came out well.

 What do you mean by the skin reacts w/ the oil?

Anytime meat hits oil that hot with excess water on it, the oil will boil violently and has a chance to spill over which can be a disaster.  It's the basic "oil and water don't mix".  When you see stories on the news about somebody blowing up a garage or deck because of a turkey fryer, what typically happens is they drop a piece of meat that has not been patted dry or not thoroughly thawed out.  The oil can bubble over and hit the flame on the turkey fryer base, which is connected to your propane tank....then you have a big problem. 


I just posted that tidbit for safety purposes in case someone else would like to try one.  This does not meat that the meat is dry.  In fact, I injected  it with about 16oz of apple juice. 

Looks really good! I am going to do one of these on Christmas Eve, I can hardly wait!

I always turn the flame OFF before dropping the meat into the oil, wait until it dies down a bit, put a lid on and then carefully light the fire again. It helps eliminate the whole boil over and catch on fire problem. The other thing is to drop your meat in SLOWLY. I am sure most seasoned deep fryers have there own methods but for those who are just starting this is a pretty safe approach. Just be careful when relighting the cooker that you don't tip the vat of hot oil on yourself. Keep willd dogs and kids away while deep frying anything!

I think I will try your method, but also apply jeffs rub to the outside of the ham, oh I will also skip the nutmeg deal.

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