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Disney World Turkey Legs!!

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Has anyone every tried to smoke turkey legs like Disney World? If you never had them, let me tell you its the best turkey ever. It almost tast like smoked ham.


Was wondering if anyone had a recipe for smoked turkey legs that come out like the ones in Disney.

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This is not the first time i have seen someone asking about those, they must be good.

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You can also get the same turkey legs at most County Fairs too. Now I think that they are just cured then smoked with some hickory.

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I'm a Homer---Never been to DW.

Was it anything like this breast?




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I don't know about the DW Turkey legs but smoked Turkey legs are actually quite popular at fairs and elsewhere.  When I do them, I prefer to use Turkey Drumettes, the wing drum, if you will.  They don't have that fiber running through, and personally I think they have a tad bit more meat.  Then there's the thighs, another favorite around here.  I like to use "Turkey Two-Step Rub", usually applied no more than four hours before smoking. 

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If they are (hammy) they have been cured or brined in a cure solution.

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I've never tired the DW turkey legs but the reviews from the you-tube make me want to tray to make them.


Here's the link to the video. 


I got two hints from the video.


One, they inject a salt water cure into the legs muscle tissue. They may use just water and Morton Tender Quick. 

If the turkey legs are sweet they may use Morton Sugar Cure Plain 

They may inject the brine through the top exposed muscle so there's not a bunch of holes in the skin.


Two, they slow cook in a smoker for six hours. They have the finished product in a hold over oven. The skin appears light. My guess of wood may be apple.


Has anyone who has tasted one of these legs able to say what kind of wood they used?

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