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First Smoke in Masterbuilt XL w/Qview

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So I'm trying out the Masterbuilt XL propane smoker today. I decided to christen it with something I haven't done before-beef ribs. I am also doing a rack of spares and some center cut pork chops.


I trimmed out the spare and the beef ribs- put the chops in a quick marinade of 'fast bbq sauce' and soy sauce. Rubbed the ribs down with basic rub.




I am also trying Dutch's beans for the first time


I will post more pictures when everything goes on the smoke later. The recipe for the fast bbq sauce can be found in "BBQ and All the Fixin's" by Simon Oren. I bought this book when I started smoking on a brinkman 13 years ago and it is fantastic.

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Looking good so far!! I havent tried beef ribs yet either, cant wait to see more.

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Looks great so far!  Happy smokin' on your maiden voyage with the Masterbuilt XL.  Looking forward to the finished Q.  

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Smoke is on at 11:30 or so.


Had to foil packet my mesquite chunks to try to keep them from flaming. TBS is going to be a fight on this one.




Update when the ribs go to foil. Thanks for looking.

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Out of the smoke and into the foil. I put sliced apple rings and a little apple juice underneath the spare ribs.



I put sliced onions and red wine w/ garlic underneath the beef ribs



Pork chops are done and will go back on the smoker with some sauce the last 1/2 hour of the ribs.


More pics after the smoke is done.

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Took everything off about 5:30- probably should have taken the chops off earlier but they were ok. Didn't have time to get pictures plated because we had freinds coming over.



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Looks like you got some serious pullback on those ribs. Bet they were mighty tasty

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Very Well Done!!!


How'd the temp control work in the smoker?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks real good from south Louisiana.

 Can't quite smell it though.

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Scarbelly- I was a little shocked at how much those ribs shrunk. Don't know if I would do these again even though they were tasty.


T Johnson- If you are referring to the thermo reading, it was pretty accurate. As far as keeping a consistent temp it did well, but the recovery time after you open the door is poor. I am not a 'peeker', but the water pan is so small you have to replenish every 1-1.5 hours. I see mods in this smokers future.

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Looks good. Its always a small challenge to figure out how your smoker is going to run for the first couple of times. Smoke a few more times and you will have that new smoker tuned in perfectly.

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Awesome looking food! I don't care for the beef ribs that much, sometimes they are tastey sometimes not. Any time I have done them I get all kindsa shrinkage! I'm a pork girl. The pork chops sure do look mighty tasty! Love your Q-view! Thanks for sharing!

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That looks great.  Beef ribs do that. I have tried twice and after the smoke get very little meat

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Agree with the shrinkage- It's kinda like buying penuts in the shell at the ball game- they taste great but it's too much work for what you get!

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It all looks great...

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All looks real good friends made out on this one, i have a masterbuilt 30in. gas vertical it also maintains temps well door thermo matched up to oven thermo inside as for water pan not bad 2hrs.+ so far pleased. 

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Wow it all looks great, I would love to find some descent dinos in my area. That deserves some

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