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Chipotle Jerky with Qview!

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I love making chipotle jerky (though my recipe changes each time) and I just loaded up my smoker with a portion of another batch.  I bought a 22.5lb whole inside round, and trimmed it up and separated each individual cut in an attempt to trim out as much fat as possible and sliced it up about 3/16" thick.  Took forever!  I whipped up a marinade and all the meat wouldn't fit in a 2.5 gallon food storage container so I put the remainder in a 1 gallon ziploc bag.  I have always rigged up three grates in my 22.5" WSM and could fit a single 1 gallon ziploc bag of meat on there with them laying on the grates.  This is my first time hanging jerky to smoke and I was able to fit almost twice as much in there!  I'm smoking with lump charcoal and a bit of hickory.


Here's the marinade I used:

7T onion powder

5T garlic powder

7T cayenne

4T black pepper

5 cans chipotles (pureed with some of the soy sauce)

5 cups soy sauce

3 cups worcestershire sauce

2 cups pineapple juice

2T pink salt


This picture is after I had loaded the gallon ziploc bag in my smoker and removed enough from the 2.5 gallon container to finish filling my smoker.




This is a picture of one of the large pieces I was able to slice.




I patted all the pieces dry with paper towels before I inserted toothpicks and hung them.




This is my smoker filled up.  Sorry for the poor quality pictures but I'm doing this at night and just used my phone as I didn't want to drag out my digital camera.



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Glad I got an itch to try jerky again! (first attempt failed miseraly)

This looks great. How long and at what temp did you smoke?

And is there any left???

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are you using pink salt in place of Tender Quick?  What temp did you smoke it at and how long are you expecting to be done?

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