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Lets talk smoke

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Ok, Wasn't sure exactly where to post this...


This is the first time I've tried smoking in my gas grill and i bought a cast iron smoker box for the woodchips so that's what I'm using.


The temp is holding right at about 250 which I'm fine with. I'm using hickory chips and chunks that were soaked in water for about 30 minutes, the problem is I'm not getting any smoke!  The chips are smoldering and it smells like hickory, but I don't see any smoke unless I open the grill.  Then only very little....



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nevermind!  Once the sun went down and I turned on the outside lights I had a beautiful plum of light blue smoke gently meandering it's way out of the grill..


Looks like it will turn out about perfectly.


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If ya smell it, it's working.    Thin Blue Smoke 


Glad you're having a good smoke!  Don't forget our Qview.  

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Blue Smoke = Good!

White Smoke = Bad!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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This was my first time with ribs and I was very pleased with how they turned out.  I started with the 2-2-1 Method but my ribs were pretty small, I cut it down to 2-1-1.  I have come to the conclusion that quality makes an immense difference.  I got these baby backs from a local butcher but the ones at Wal-Mart looked bigger so I'll try those next.


I put on a dry-rub about 30 mins before they hit the smoker then in the last hour basted them once with sauce then apple juice spritz every 15 mins.    Absolutely delicious and worth every minute of work.


My first run at ribs


Here's a pic of them after they were cut.  Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I took them with the phone.


Cut up


They were cooked very close to perfection and you'd leave bite marks as you ate them. 

Thanks guys!

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Now you are learning how to smoke if you can smell it your smokin. Now the thin blue is hard to see even for some of us old guys. But the smell gives it away every time. Your ribs look awesome too. they look like spares that have been trimmed to St Louis cut to me.

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Thanks mballi! 


They're baby backs that I trimmed up probably a little too much.  I wasn't sure how much to trim off so i just took all the extra off.  Which might explain the shortened cooking time.


Oh well, they were very good.


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Those do look very tasty!  Glad you had a great smoke and some perfect ribs. Thanks for the Qview! 

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the ribs look fantastic

I started out smoking things onthe grill years ago before I got a smoker

next time try it without soaking the chips.

they will start to smoke sooner if they dont have to dry out first.

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