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Last nights brisket

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Doing a party today and one of the items on the menu is a big brisket.  I also did some pulled pork the other day for this.  But the brisket was the big item.  I picked up a 14 pounder from Sam's and went to town on it yesterday afternoon. 


Started with a little trimming.  The bottom got a pretty good trim job and the top just got thinned out a little bit.  I also scored the top to get some penetration on the rub.  The rub was a full batch of Jeff's Rub.  I went ahead and injected some creole butter in this beast as well





After several hours





After 16 1/2 hours it made it 183 degrees.  This is getting sliced for sammys so I went ahead and pulled it.  Its all foiled, towled and sitting in a cooler now for a few hours.  I will be taking my big rig to the party and using it to warm everything up.  Plus add a little more smoke to it.  For the brisket, I used the Smoke Vault.  I was dialed in on this smoke and I would go several hours and never adjust the heat. 




I will post pics of the Q at the party when all put out. 

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Looks Great Matt !

Can't wait for the rest of the pics!




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WOW looks great!!!

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Nice looking!

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Man oh Man that thing looks great so far there matt. I can't wait to see the money shots. Sliced that is.

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Looks great Matt, can't wait to see it sliced up!

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Well, I screwed up.  Things got a bit crazy after everything got sliced up and put out.  I never (forgot) got a chance to get pics.  But it was all a huge success and almost sold the smoker a couple times. 


Sorry for not getting any money shots.

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