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My morning fattie

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 I try to make it a point to smoke at least one fattie for breakfast every time I fire up the smoker. I don't get too elaborate with them, but what is the point? In my opinion, sausage stuffed with cheese, and dusted in a brown sugar based rub on a fresh hot biscuit,is as fine as it gets. Trailer park gormet! I can't see how that could be improved on. I will try one of the fancy bacon wrapped, stuffed with everything under the sun, but the simplicity, and the taste of a plain 'ole fattie is always mind blowing to me.

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I think they are better without the bacon on them

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Now I like a good fattie every now and then but everytime I light the smoker. I might not be eating anything else. I usaully smoke something maybe 2-3 times a week.It's not always the main course it can be a side or even a for a salsa or a sauce.

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