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Recent Smokes (w Q)

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Hey guys I havent posted as much as I like to, but i wanted to let you know that the WSM is still being used.  Here are some picks of recent smokes


first is a chuck roast... I was going to pull it but i messed up and it wouldnt pull.  I chopped it up and ate it in soft taco shells


second it meat for london broil...  It came perfect.



















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Looks good. Was the second piece of meat that was for London Broils, was it a piece of a top round roast? Was it as tender as it looked? What kind of wood did you use and what internal temp. did you pull it from the smoker?



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Both pieces of meat look great. the chuckie is nice an tender an juicey too. I bet thats gonna be some good eats too. Now the london broil looks good too. Hey coach I would bet that he took it to maybe 135°ish or so. Was I right there NJ smoker. What part of Newark? We go to the Jersey shores around Atlantic highland every august and sometime during the summer to.

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some nice looking smoke you got there.  i just might have to make a run to price chopper for a chuckie and take it to camp this weekend to smoke.

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Looks Good!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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