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Smoking ham and turkey

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I want to smoke a turkey and a ham this weekend.  My plan is to use Jeff’s tips from his newsletters to cook both.  What would be the best way to cook the two pieces of meat?  Should I cook both in the same smoker or would it be better to cook them separately since I have a WSM (18 inch) and an ECB.  The reason I am asking is because I want to keep the dripping from the turkey to make the gravy.  I am also not sure if I should keep the ham drippings from dripping on the turkey?  So what would be the best way to do this?


  1. Place both items in disposable pans and smoke them in one smoker?
  2. Place the turkey on the top rack of the WSM and then place a pan on the bottom rack to catch the drippings.  Then smoke the ham in the ECB?


Thanks in advance.

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i have neither of these smokers but in the mes i put the ham on top in a pan put bird in middle w/ pan on next rack . let it smoke.

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There is a video somewhere on this site of Jeff smoking a turkey in a Brinkman.  It's a great step by step tutorial.  Do a search and it should come up. 

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You can smoke both of them in one smoker. Just like Bob (eman) said just make sure that turkey is or a lower rack them the hams. You don't want poultry dripping onto anything else. It's a food safety thing. Other then that you should be on your way to some fine eating if you are using Jeff's tutelage.

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I think this is the link to that video and more info as well 

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What they said... ham on top, turkey down on bottom. If you put a pan under the turkey put a raised rack under the bird so it doesn't sit in the juices. That will help the skin on the bottom from turning into turkey skin jello... mmmmmm....  .... lol.

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Thanks for all the responses.  What about the ham, should I put it in a pan or put it on the grate so the juice fall on the bird?

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I would put it in a pan as the ham drippings will affect the taste of your bird. May not be a bad thing .but i put ALOT of sweet stuff on my ham and don't care for sweet turkey.  JMHO

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