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need ideas on venison hind quarter

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Need help with a couple of deer hind quarters. Wasn't sure what forum to post this on but having just done a brisket, i'm hoping this smoke would be similar.  Any suggestions with regard to brining vs injecting (and with what), should meat be left on bone, should I foil, smoke to what temp for medium...I am completely open.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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Friend @ work used this on a deer leg.  It was very good.  Ppersonally, I have not done one.

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I just put two hind quarters in the freezer last night.  Last year I did one and I brined it for a few days then wrapped in bacon.  It tasted great.  I just took it to about 170.  I plan on brining again but will probably smoke it like a you mentioned, just give it a good rub and let it rock.  May foil it to see what happens.  With deer, you won't get the meat falling apart like beef or pork.

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Got some venison coming also.  I will be watching this thread closely.

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