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Greetings to the group.   I purchased a new MasterBuilt XL form BPS this several weeks ago.  Got to us it this past weekend for the first time.  All in all the meat turned out great. 


Several issues I noticed with the smoker the door does not seal properly.  Wide gap on the hinge side.  I need 106 inches of a gasket to seal it up.  Anyone know where I can purchase a rope gasket or other gasket and what size would be recommended?


Also I am a traditionalist and I do not like the smoke release in the back.  I am thinking about sealing that up with a piece of metal and adding a smoke stack.  I have an email into the Apliance Factory Parts for a price on a smoke stack that fits the standard vertical MasterBuilt smoker.  If that does not work out I mechanically talented and will just built me one.  I have a welder and can fabricate one.  Thoughts?


Tim Jonas

Belmont, NC