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Scotsman ice bin, Help

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I picked up this Scotsman ice bin kind of cheap.  Has anyone ever made a smoker out of one?  It's made out of two layers of SS with some kind of foam injected in between.  Is this thing worth trying to make a smoker out of?




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I saw this one earlier today and I thought I posted but I guess not. Now did you look in the building section in this site. I know that there are a few folks here that have built smkoers out of old refrigs and such. Your ice maker there looks like it could be a really good smoker too.

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You did and thank you, I have looked at many of them and was just seeing if anyone had used one just like this.  I'm really worried about the insulation in it but not sure if it'll be an easy job to remove it.  It's sprayed into the walls.

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