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2nd Pulled pork attempt.

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Hi All!


So last night i decided i wanted to pull some pork for tonight's dinner. the last attempt i had at this i could not get the temp of the pork up to 200+ degrees. i was only able to get it to 185 and it only set for 30 mins due to me being new to the smoking world and starting late in the morning. i believe i started the smoke at 10am the last time. So last night i rubbed my pork with some mustard and my favorite rub then wrapped it in some plastic wrap and let it set until this morning. Here is a pic of the Shoulder before i threw her into the smoke:




Looks good already! i put it in my smoker at 0630 this morning, and began smoking it with hickory. it has now been in the smoker for about 3.5 hours and is at an internal temp of 140. im trying to keep the temp of the smoker around 225-240, so it should be good. here is a current pic of this beautiful piece of meat:




Already lookin good and the neighbors are flocking around trying to figure out where the aroma of smoke is coming from. lol. i will be putting it into foil around 160-165.


My plans for dinner are as follows: pull the pork and place in hawaiian sweet bread with a dallop of coleslaw on top. add sum sweet potato french fries into the equation and it will be a great hit with my Girlfriend. i will keep posting pics as i go and definately will not miss the "Money Shot!" picture.


I Love me some smoked food!

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Looking good so far. Looking forward to that money shot!!

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That is a fine looking Butt you have there...

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Looks good and sounds like a great plan!!

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Nice butt! LOL! I am smoking three butts right now and it is soooo much fun. I sure hope you don't forget the money shot! And that one would be one of your girlfriend taking her first bite! Doesn't that wonderful hickory smell attract attention? Good luck!

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Looks good! What's real fun is to go somewhere shopping around noon when all your clothes smell like hickory smoke. Watch everybody else try and figure out where that wonderfull smell is coming from... lol.

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@JIRodriguez I just went to the market and that is exactly what happened. Gotta Love It!


Anywho, im at hour 5.5 now and my pork has reached an internal temp of 163 and since i would really like to not have to worry bout opening the door up to add wood i decided to foil her up! now to get the temp to stay sumwhat steady and let her coast to the finish line of approx. 200. . Here is a pic just before foiling. 




Yea that little metal pole lookin thing is my thermometer that broke. DARNIT! good thing i have a bunch of extras lying around. although since this one that broke is attatched to the smoker i gotta fix it. Oh Well! casualty of war i suppose. 


I figure you all can imagine what it looks like while foiled so there will be no pic of a foil ball. lol. (Aluminum foil aint exactly appetizing too). 

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Oh man that stinks that your probe broke.

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The last butt I did took almost 18 hours, but that was without foiling. I hope foiling works to speed things up.


Looks great!

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Well it's looking good so far and it's good t hear that you have extra thermo probe units.

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Alright all,


It's time for the "Money Shot"!




sorry for the delay but it started pouring rain here last night and i had a bunch of stuff to get under cover. let me start by saying that dinner last night was absolutely delicious and we will have leftovers for the next 2 days. (Leftovers i have NO PROBLEM eating). anywho, the girlfriend got home and i started to pull the pork. the bone slipped right out as it should (I especially love the steam coming from this goreous piece of meat):




then after that a couple of forks were used to complete the pulling process, and i was left with this:




and then finally threw some buns in the oven to warm em up and loaded em with pork, a little sprinkling of bbq sauce, and a layer of slaw, with a side dish of the sweet potato fries. DANG it was yummy! The girlfriend absolutely loved it.




Cant wait to make something else now! 


Thanks All! 

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Wow-That is a great looking plate and I love sweet tater fries!!!  If you what to kick up your pulled pork experience up another level, make up a batch of SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce.  Once you've tried it you'll be wanting to put on just about everything!!


Don't ya just love it when the bone just pops right out?

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Man..., gotta stop reading these q-views on an empty stomach, thanks for sharing, great photography as well.

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I will definately try that finishing sauce. it is already making my stomach grumble for some bbq and i just ate. lol. i think i may be smokin up another shoulder next week. 


Thanks for the good feedback all! its much obliged! ill continue to post pictures of my creations as long as people still enjoy looking/ reading my posts.

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Awesome Q-view! Awww man I haven't had sweet potato fries in a while. They just melt in your mouth. I love the inspiration I get from all the great folks here on SMF!!! Great job! So what's next????

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HAHA! Thanks! Squirrel! Sweet potato fries are my favorite! as for whats next i think im gonna do more pulled pork but use a finishing sauce on it.



 "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."


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