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Removing salt from a ham

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I'm begging for leniency on this because I am going to be deep frying this and not smoking....


I think I got the answer from searching through the forums but I just wanted to be clear.  I am going to deep frying just a basic store bought ham and wanted to remove some salt.  Can these be "reverse-brined" and soaked in plain water to help remove the crazy amount of salt they inject in those things?


Thanks for the help and if you call for it, I can provide "fry-view".....

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soak and rinse.  Should work fine.  I gotta see this!  Have you fried them before?  sounds good.

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I'm sure you could soak and remove some of the salt. Quarter a few potatos and put them in the water also. they take some of the salt.

 Now' DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!! You are fixing to mix water and boiling hot oil which is asking for trouble . Trouble = Fire.

 If the ham still contains a bunch of water you need to be very careful. Let it drain as long as possible.

 What you need to do is before soaking put the ham in the pot you will be cooking in and fill it w/ water to cover the ham by a couple inches. Mkae sure you still have at least 8 " of head space over the water.

 now take the ham out and mark the level of the water . This is how much oil you need to start with.

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Yes.....I've done 4 of them before and am very careful.  They always turn out salty which was why I was asking about reverse-brining.  I think what I'm gonna do is soak it in water for a day, remove it and pat dry, and then inject it and let it chill out another night.  So it will have time to lose a little water before it hit 350* oil. 


Eman, I should have included your tip about pre-measuring the pot with water so you know how much oil to use.  Very important. 


Like anything deep fried it always turns out super juicy and crispy on the outside.  It's not breaded or anything, we just buy the cheap guy semi-boneless from the grocery store and drop it in.  We are tailgating a high school football game on Friday and this is usually one of the highlights of the year.  I'd be happy to post pics if you guys wanna see it.  

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Yes we want to see pics , We allways want to see pics. Not that i don't drool enough allready.

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Yes I to would like to see some Q-view of this one. We here don't have to smoke everything we understand that you can't smoke everything but we still try to smoke somethings that shouldn't be.

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Yes bring on the Q-view. I've never deep fried anything, sounds great. I do a brine then a reverse brine on my chicken breasts and it makes them yummy, not too salty. So, I would think a reverse brine on a ham would work just fine. Good luck! High School football! Woohoo!

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One more thing to think about.

 We have done this a couple of times and it blows people away when they taste it.

 Smoke the ham or bird for a few hours w/ good smoke and then give it the hot oil bath.

 best of both worlds

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