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I know most bbq sauces get simmered for a bit.  How long does this need to be.  I just did my first ever batch of sauce and used Jeff's recipe.  I did simmer it for a little while even though the directions didn't say to.  Was I supposed to?  If I was, how long should it simmer?

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should be alot of different replies on this one, im curious too but i would say ten to fifteen minutes to blend together would be all you want.

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Minimum amount of time is just long enough to melt any sugars and salt and incorperate all the flavors. After that you can simmer longer to change the thickness. Sometimes if I get to much liquids in I simmer for a half hour or so till it reduces down and thickens up a bit.  But basically after the first five minutes or so you have all the flavors fairly well combined - also if you go longer make sure you  reduce the heat, otherwise you burn the sugars in the sauce.

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Yea what Johnny said.

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