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I'm in the process of curing a beef brisket for a pastrami.I'm using a dry cure and after rubbing the brisket down good with the cure I vacume sealed the meat instead of using the standard ziploc bag.Any thoughts on vacume seal vs ziploc storage for the curing process?Thanks Norm

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Hey Norm, welcome to the forums. Some say it will cure faster in a vac bag, I really can't say one way or the other.

I have done it both ways with great results

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I really like the vac seal bag for a couple of reasons. You have the option not to evacuate all the air if you want and you never have to worry about it leaking. When I cure bacon, I only seal the bag without a removing the oxygen so the cure can work its magic.  I used to remove all the oxygen and the bacon never took on the mahogony color it does with the oxygen in the bag.

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Thanks for the response guys.I just thought the vacume sealed bag would slow the cure process down.I'm going to leave it in the cure for about 2 weeks then pull it out, put it in the Master Forge for about 4 hrs at about 140deg (lower if I can get it)with hickory smoke and then into 180deg water bath for 3 hrs.Any thoughts?

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i got a thought i cant wait to see some q-view lol!!!!

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