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Good Job Meateater,


            All I can say about Sparky is " SWEET ". So happy to hear you can still smoke and not have to worry about whoever or what ever rules. Smoke em out!!!! That bird is making me hungry. I love those spatchcock cornish hens. Yours looks really nice, but I just cant do just one. That just makes me hungry.

Really good job, keep us updated with your camo....  Tell them   Now say something about my smoke!!!!!


               Happy Smokin!!!!!!!!



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Sweet!!! Thats the way to beat the system. 

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

I knew I could do it---Had you talked into it the other day.

Now don't go slacking on me again. This thing will really be neat in Fall CAMO apparel.

You don't have to go for the Guinness Book "UGLY" Record.


Your neighbors will love the sarcasm of Camo.

You could hide the electric cord & keep a stack of kindling around too.



I've been thinking about that, maybe duct tape a cord to the bottom, Yes Maam it's electric, what kind of sauce do you like by the way?

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love the idea of an electric  uds, looks great. would you mind posting more pics or more info on the plans. do you need bottom vent holes? drip pan?, Therostat control?

Big Rub


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