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Mango filled ABT'S, BB ribs, and Porketta Pork Roast w/Oview

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Got a cupla mangos about a week ago, were hard as a rock. Put them in a brown paper bag and i could start to smell them towards the end of the week so i knew it was time to give these abt's a shot... Jalepenos from the garden, a mix of green to bicolor to full red ones... dunno why i didnt take a pic, but here they are on the smoker. Is the last you will see of them. lets just say a slightly picture challanged thread. Happens when chit gets eaten before a camera is thought about...

I have had this porketta seasoning i got a while back and never tried it till today. Victim today is a butt just over 4 lbs.

found these two guys loittering in the cupboard.....

on the smoker...

smoker pretty much full.

so had the ABT.s for snack... didnt have any foil so figured i would give the ribs and the butt a shot without foiling. mixed up some SBR's with some apple juice...used it as a mop on the ribs and the butt. here are the finished ribs. about 5 hours at average 230-240 degrees and used cherry for smoke. i pulled the porketta when the ribs were done and finished it off in the O.


had the ribs for supper but had to wait on the porketta. here it is when removed from O at IT of 190.

and here it is torn up..... had real good flavor, lotsa fennel seed in the mix so had that licorice type hint that is also found in italian sausage.

i am planning on a sammie for lunch tomorrow with some of my freshly made kraut...

thks for checking my pics  

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Wow what a great looking smoke. I have some of that Mad Hunky too and it is some good stuff for sure. Love the mango ABT idea

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wow I need to remember not to look till I have eaten, that all looks good

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Very nice smoke! I love Porchetta! (I've seen it spelled porketta and porchetta) I did some a little while back after seeing it on Food Network. I want more, I just love fennel with pork, mmmm. Your food looks amazing, the mango ABT's sound perfect. Sweetness of mango with the heat of the pepper and salt from the bacon! Sounds about perfect to me! Thanks for sharing!

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Now it does sound quite yummielishes too. I have to try that porchetta sometime soon it sounds yummy and if the crazy girl agrees with you it most be fine meat. Now I have made some italian sausage so it just using the same seasonings right???Man that looks so awesome I wish I had a sammie about now too.

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I made my seasoning based on the recipe from Sara Jenkins, the lady that was featured making this crazy good looking porchetta. I'll find the recipe for you Mark. One of the ingredients was fennel pollen. That stuff is amazing. Erain may know of a mix you can buy though.

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Another Really Awesome Smoke there erain !



Thanks for the view,


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I just tried to take a bite out of the monitor, that pork is something else, I like the fennel seed idea, gonna have to get some for the spice rack.

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Congrats on a good smoke, and thanks for sharing the Q View. Mango and japs are a very good flavor combo. I have also found the Mad Hunky to be a good general purpose rub. It's all good my friend.

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looks great nice glaze to the ribs....

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i just put the first item on my weekend menu,   mangoes are all over down here and you know i gotta try those mango abts  look delicious

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I still can't get over that awesome glaze on the ribs . I keep coming back to look at them. I've never been able to get that, hmmmm....

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Wow looks so good!!! I never foil my ribs and I have had no complaints yet.

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