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Maybe Some Day

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About 10 years ago I found an old army quonset hut frame and thought it would make a great greenhouse frame so I got it. Well of course it didn't get set up and has been moved several times. I finally decided I was going to get going on the project and I couldn't even remember the size of the thing or just how it went together. So I decided that I better try setting it up so I could make sure it was all there and get some measurements. Its not set up where its going and I didn't bother to put all the braces together yet but at least I know its all there and I can now get some measurements. Hopefully I'll actually get it all set up and finished where it belongs in the next few months but here's what I have so far. Let me tell you its a pain to set this thing up alone. That's a 10' ladder in the pics





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Wow Jerry how did you get that up by urself that thing is huge.  Its going to make a great greehouse though.

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That will make a great greenhouse, How big did it end up being ?

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Awesome Jerry! Are you gonna use visqueen to cover it? Are you still thinking about hydroponics? What a fun (back breaking) project! I can't wait to see what happens. Good luck.

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Would make a good bunk house for the next gathering Jerry! That should make one heck of a green house.

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What a fun project! I know what you mean about moving a project a few times.

I am in the process of completing a move, cleaning out two houses and consolidating some storage.

In the process I am finding a few backburner projects I’d still like to do something with. 


Good luck, I’ve always wanted a greenhouse   

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That is big enough to move a family into. Looks great man and I cant beleive you did all of that by yourself

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Great job Jerry!

Looks even better when I click on the pics, to get the zoomed in view!


LOL--You weren't standing on that top step were you??


Is that background where you got the name "Pineywoods"?




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Very nice job here jerry. You put that thing together all by yourself. Thats close to an amasing feat too. Now it will fit my van very nicely to. But if you want to use it for a greenhouse I guess it's alright....LOL Well that could be one heck of a green house almost a farm house. Now your crop of woods lookigna little depleated right now. I guess it a good thing that you got some pecan to split.

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I saw that frame and thought with the right materials, that would make a great outdoor kitchen space.

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