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The ultimate Geek smoker

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This is really cool. I had to share it. Gives me many ideas?



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This has to be the most expensive clay pot smoker in the world - LOL

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Now that is uber geekdom.

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I'm thinking that this is where Alton Brown meets the leader of the Geek Squad and make food together.

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dude can make all that, but doesn't make his own sauce????


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that looks impressive,  but he spent all his money on electronics,  shouldve gotten a bigger smoker,     i think he is a cousin of

Altons,  he made a terra cotta geill on one show,    i think he cooked a huge piece of tuna on it? 

this guy should produce those electronics and sell em to work universally on all gas and electric smokers

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I'd starve to death before I figured that thing out. PID what?

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I know I'm a little late here, but........All that technology and the best he could do is terra cotta!!!????? Come on!!!!!!! Very interesting though. I guess you could put a pork butt on, go to dinner, a movie, sleep over at the girlfriends house and turn off the heat from around the world when it hits 200.

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