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Too Much Smoke

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Ok guys and gals today I tried to smoke a whole chicken....temps ran between 250 to 275ish....the last hour I ran it up to over 300 to crisp the skin. The results were a very strong smoke tasting chicken... I used less than half a basket of charcoal and only 15 or so lit briqs from my starter, along with maybe a good hand full of apple wood chips...I know it is operator error LOL and not the uds. So give me some input please...by the way I think it smoked from start to finish with just a handful of chips??



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With the info you supplied I have to say that the smoke flavor must have been very mild, at least it would be in my UDS. Can you give us some pics? That would help in getting you straightened out. Were here for you, dont give up.

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meateater... it was a very heavy smoke flavor couldn't even eat it all....I am thinking I saw way too much white smoke, but heck with just a handfull of apple chips I never would think it would produce that much smoke...I am thinking now it was the briqs...I used some i got at a local market that wasn't name brand because I was in a pinch for time...I even let it burn a good 45 min before I loaded it...or maybe the basement rack is too close to the charcoal basket there is only 6 inch clearance between 2nd rack and the charcoal..

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