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Who can view what

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I would like to know what areas of the forum that non members (lurkers) can not see???

 In the last 2 weeks there have been 3 or 4 members of a fishing site i frequent buy mes smokers and are trying to get started . they have all been invited here to the site and the have stopped by to look . If i know what they can't see i can prod them to join up. 

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I think they are able to see it all but just can not post - to double check you could log off and come back to the site without logging in

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One advantage of membership is that the site keeps a record of what threads you have read, and which you have not read.  It also high lights the threads that you have contributed to.

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I know for sure that if you don't log in you cannot see the events or members sections.

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if you are not logged on you can not view the announcements or events section.

 i logged out and checked.

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