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Today's smoke with Qview

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My wife and I are going camping and she suggested I smoke somethings to take a long. Who am I not to follow her instructions .

I picked up a chuckie, boston butt and noticed beef ribs on sale. I figured Dino's for dinner.

Here is the start with the chuckie and butt using Charcoal and Hickory wood.





About noon I added the dino bones




Took the Chuckie and Pork to 165 and wrapped. Chuck was first





A bit later the little piggy was ready for foil:





Dino bones just about ready to come off. Timing was about perfect:





Time to cut and serve (The picture doesn't do it justice):





After dinner, I got the chuckie out of the resting place in the cooler. A few slices to check the smoke ring and a sample. My best Chuckie to date:




Pulled the rest of the beef and pork. We'll be eating good in the campground.




I'ts supposed to be a bit cooler while camping. I think I'll try a little of both in some chili.


Thanks for looking.

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Looks like some awesome meals

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Good job pulling off three different brands! Have fun campin'.

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By the looks of things, There will be some happy campers. It's all good my friend.

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Now you have done quite a nce job on your 3 different smokes. You will surely be eating well on your camping trip.

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everything looks great.  im dying to try those dino bones sometime soon.  i may need to do them this weekend.

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Lookin real good.  Color is great!

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nice RIBS

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Looks Great!

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Wow, that looks great... got room in your tent for one more???

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That looks like some great grub for sure. Just tell me where to park the motorhome and I will gladly join ya LOL

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The pics are making me hungry and jonesing to smoke some meat!

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