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Thin Blue Smoke?

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I know when you smoke your supposed to have wisps of Thin Blue Smoke ...but what if you have wisps of Thin White Smoke?

The temp of my propane smoker is 250 and I was using Mesquite Wood...



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Did you soak the wood/chips? That could produce the white stuff. Also if the wood catches on fire instead of smoldering. Next...

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My first question is are you sure that it's thin white smoke. Sometimes it hard to see the blue color. So see how the meat tasted when your done. If it's bitter and kinda stale tasting. Then your smoke was white. The big and main thing is that you didn't have a lot of blollowing white smoke. Thats the bad smoke not the thin smoke.

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Well mesquite isn't the friendliest wood to use, it can get out of hand quickly. I like it but use just a small amount mixed with hickory usually. Did the meat come out all right or did it make your tongue tingle, if so thats creosote. Here what TBS should look like.

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The meat came out great...No tingle of the tongue

Thanks for all the help.

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