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Greetings Friends

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Been reading your stuff for a while now.  Decided to joing the conversations.  You have ALL taught me so much. I have been learning how to smoke ther perfect meals here for ever! THANK YOU


I started on a little electric bullet, graduated to a Smokey Mountain Outdoors Gas, then got a MES 40 and I just feel guilty using it (Wayyyy to easy) so I decided to learn how to cook with wood.  Read a lot on here about it, bought a 4 wheeler on Craig's List and held on to it until I could find someone willing to trade. Now I own a big old wood burner on a trailer and my wife hates me! LOL just kidding...she was mad until I made her a pulled pork sammie...


Just want to say hello and thank you for all the good advice, and the extra lbs I put on due to your expertise!

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Welcome, Now hand her the camera and lets see some qview.

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Nobody ever said BBQ was diet food. Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forum. I hope you have found your home to feed your addiction.


What kind of wood burner did you get?


Feel free to post some qview of your smoker and food.


Remember the rule, no pics, it didn't happen, lol!

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