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Looking for a source to purchase wood (Athens, Georgia area)

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Anyone here know where I can find some wood for sale in or around the Athens, Ga area?

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Do you have an Academy sports near can buy 50# bags of pecan,hickory and mesquite for about 10 dollars each.

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There sure is one nearby me! I had no idea they sold wood there - awesome! I'm new to the Athens area, and I've been to Academy a couple of times to buy sportswear, but it never occured to me that they sold wood. Sweet - thanks!


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try craigslist

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Hey guys and gals,


   I found a good source for wood chips ...Amazon sells Weber chips in Pecan, Cherry, Apple, Mesquite, and Hickory a 3# bag for $3.99. If you order from them and your total order is at least $25 there is no charge for shipping. Also there is no sales tax. both together can add up to a nice saving. Additionally the bag weight is 3# whereas most others are only 2# and many cost more as well. I did shop around and this seems to be the best deal, at least the best one I could find for chips, plus they have the variety of woods available. I bought all 5 .



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Yesterday, I was in the local Lowes store and they had bags of wood chips at a not bad price.  They are a pretty big chain so you might find one in your area.


Hardware stores here also stock wood chips, both Ace and Service Master.

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Well, I ended up going to my local Academy Sports store and sure enough, they have huge bags of mini logs - pecan, mesquite and hickory for $10. Great buy. I bought a bag of hickory to smoke a turkey this past Sat and it was awesome. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!

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Why buy it ? I have a local guy who trades me wood regularly all i do is smoke him 4-6 slabs of ribs that he purchases .Sweet deal half a truck load of seasoned split oak or hickory for about 5 hours of my time doing what i like to do ! Pkerchef 

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