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Goose jerky

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First smoke on the new MES and I still have about 10 pounds of goose breast in the freezer so I figured the woud be a good way to start.  My wife thought I lost my mind when she saw me cutting chunks off a frozen ball of goose meat with a reciprocating saw.  It grinds better frozen.  I found out my jery racks are to big for the smoker so I just shot it across the racks and it worked out fine.  Mesquite flavor turned out fine but is only good for a few strips and then its too much. Next time I'll do teriyaki, I can eat that all day long. 

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Nice Birddog!  What did you all do to the meat?  Any spices at all?  Sit over night?


Actually spoke of this over the weekend.  Didn't know if I should do it like I do venison jerky.  Never made anything other then venny jerky.  One can never have enough jerky this time of year

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