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I've been slacking on the Q-view and smoking lately so here's a little spam I threw on the MES while finishing up some

peach marmalade i was canning .

Made a nice snack while watching the last half of the game



spam 001.JPG

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Spam works, I love that stuff.

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lol....  I'd rather see the peach marmalade  


But it sure looks better smoked, how did it taste?

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Spam is usually over $3 a pound when ya do the math. I can always get a shoulder or a shank for less than that.. I don't buy it.

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I laud your efforts for doing a smoke, great job; just don't feed it to anyone or to yourself that you love, Cholesterol-In-A-Can, pathway to a sure fire heart attack/stroke!  Believe me, I've had two and used to dine on Spam many many times!

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Wow... Spam huh?!?!?


Well... Ummm... Thanks for the q-view.


Enjoy that.

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SPAM, it thought that was on the world wide web 

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I love to do a blooming spam when I have the smoker running. I tried the bacon flavored spam a while ago, awesome stuff!

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