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Chiptole-cinnamon rubbed baby backs

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Used the college football Saturday to experiment on some ribs. Wanted to try a chiptole-cinnamon rub I had been thinking about. Picked up a Weber rub just in case it went bad...LOL.


Here are the photos...for full review, check here!



completly rubbed.jpg


After three hours on the smoker...

smoked on grill.jpg


Barely got a photo before they were devoured...

weber done.jpg

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Looks like it was good lol

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Looks great, glad you overall liked the taste.  Cinnamon and cocoa powder has always been my secret weapons and neither seems to be very popular in BBQ rubs. :)

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Looks awesome! I love using cinnamon and chocolate in savory recipes (not necessarily together). Chocolate is a key ingredient in some mole recipes. Cocoa nor cinnamon is sweet, actually more bitter but because we tend to associate them with sweet vs. savory it's hard to imagine them in other dishes. Good to see folks thinking out side the box! Your ribs look fantastic, thanks for sharing.

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