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butt backing down

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8lb. butt has been in my smoker for 9 hrs. at 225 to 230 got to 186 at 8 hrs. and started to go backwards.  Now at 9 hrs. is 169.  I've done four butts before first time I've had one go backwards.

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Did you have a stall already? Do you have another probe you can check with?  Is your probe near the bone?

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Mine went backwards yesterday while cooking for competition and I have never seen them do that before. It went from about 170 the last time I checked to about 150 and I about crapped. It came back up but boy was I nervous.

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I have had most of mine drop about 5* in the plateu. Never 15-20* though!

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Iver had that happen. And your right you do want to crap yourself.

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Too bad the beer count in the cooler doesn't go backwards during a stall. That is aheck of a letoff if you ask me. Maybe the probe was right in a pile of fat that rendered down or something like that. I dunno

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i've only done 1 butt, but it went backwards shortly after it stalled at 169 degrees. 


it didn't freak me out because i had read lots of threads that warned of the stall, and a few that mentioned the loss in internal temperature.


old threads are a great resource here at SMF.  if you root around you can find the thread where someone (sorry i can't recall the member's name) explains the physics behind the stall.  it's very reassuring to know what problems might crop up and have strategies ready to addresss them.

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The stall doesnt bother me I know that is normal but I had never seen one go backwards. Maybe they do and I just happened to catch it this time.

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I have had that happen to me also and I just closed my eyes and took another swig of beer and when I opened my eyes again it was all fixed I think.......

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