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beef short (really short ) ribs

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Wife came home w/ 6 pkgs of beef short ribs w/ 2 small racks to a pkg. these ribs look like miniture racks of ribs. 8 inchs long 2 inchs tall. Real; pretty racks . anybody got an idea what type of ribs these are and how to go about smokin them???

 Want to do these and a turkey breast sunday .

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Are they beef short ribs or beef back ribs? Top pic is beef back ribs bottom beef short ribs: I have recipes for both, but will wait to hear which you have!





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Looks like the top picture. someone told me they were korean short ribs???

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Korean short ribs



In my opinion (and past experience) is this type of rib does best when braised in liquid. I tried smoking them a couple of times and just didn't care for the gamey taste. You might like that though. I cut them into smaller chunks so I can sear them and then cook them low and slow for around 2.5-3 hours on 225F. Add your favorite veggies too (closer to the end though). Since you have so many I would try some low and slow on the smoker, maybe grill some and try the braised method and see which one you like best.

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these look just like the back ribs in your first picture. are they smokable?

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Yes they are, low and slow.

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