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NEW! last weeks pulled pork w/ modded ECB Qview!

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Thursday night root beer marinade, friday night rub rest and saturday morning SMOKE!



I work in a sheet metal shop so i found some thin thin aluminum and made the vents using the pattern i found online and pulled some 1/4" aluminum for the legs. (didnt even know we had this stuff!)  


Also added bolts for a raised grate in the business area for the coals.








I also added a vent on the hood and temp gauge there too. After 3 days of searching local stores for the right thermometer i found one that would atleast work and then next day after installing it i found the one i wanted =-\ fail




Taste testing!


















notice the juices just before i pulled it that was after sitting for 1.5 hours wrapped in towels.

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i tried licking my screen but the flavor just didnt come thru  that looks absolutely KILLER!!



my buddy is smoking a small boston butt (about 4lbs) tomorrow and called me for some advice - he's using a chargrill horizontal (no firebox) with no mods (we are both new to this) but he is good a keeping temp so i can only hope it comes out as tender & juicy as this one


i am seriously drooling looking at this!

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NICE. I'm seriously drooling right now. I have my first butt ever on the smoker as I type. I cant wait to tear in to it.... man that looks good.

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Looks great

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The mods look great and so does that qview - nice job

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Really looks Great Fathom!


Where did you get the root beer to the left of Sparky's?

Seems they named it after one of my Ft Bragg Drill Sgts.




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great mods.... great looking grub!

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As I have said in the past, never underestimate the great Q that can come from an ECB. Congrats on the mods, and thanks for sharing some mouth watering Q View. It's all good my friend,.

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All my root beers came from Bevmo and rat bastards is the one i used. Its one of my favorites from that place.

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Oh and the bottle on the right was actually an apple beer soda, not a root beer. Next time i think ill try that.

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Great looking setup and grub!  Tasty beers to go along with, man now thats a "man day" for ya!

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This looks very good. I love the mods you did. You are a talented person that we can learn from. I never thought of using Rootbeer on my "Butts". I will have to try this. I have one suggestion that you might try. Instead of putting the thermometer in the lid,drill a hole  about 1/2 inch below the cooking grate for the most accurate readings. You would be surprized how much temp difference from the top to the middle can be. Just my 2 cents. You did a great job.

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I got one of those large gourmet gauges from BBQ galore and thats exactly where its going. just need to bring the body into the shop and i can work on it.  Also thinking about adding a third grate in the middle somewhere.

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