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Smoker Maintenance

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Howdy smokers!


Just wanted to chime in and ask a question about smoker care/maintenance:


I own an Oklahoma Joe Smoker and was wondering if I ever need to "season" it after I clean it out. If yes, what is a good way/technique for seasoning?

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I guess it would depend on what you mean by clean...My cleaning in the UDS consists of burning off the grates with a real hot fire (in another grill) and sucking out the inside with the shopvac. Thats it... but If you powerwashed it I would say you should probably give the inside a spray of pam and do a burn to re-season but I have never got that ambitious on any of my smokers.

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If its pre seasoned, the best way to keep it seasoned is to use it often.


A smoker is one of those things that get better with age, sort of like a cast Iron pan or old coffee pot that has never been washed only rinsed.


A lot of folks will wipe down the inside with oil or spray with Pam, just go light on the oil.


You can actually get a good season with just using wood.


If you want to re season get a fire going in the box as if you were smoking, spray the inside smoke chamber lightly with oil I will sometimes just mist some oil inside the firebox under the reverse flow plate, just don't use a spray oil like Pam in the firebox the propellant makes it extremely flammable, use a spray bottle with canola oil.


I will also mist some water in the smoke chamber.


I never used oil to season my GOSM.


On my Reverse Flow I seasoned 3 times with Cherry Wood then on the 4th run I seasoned it with Cherry wood and Bacon Grease, only because I had a bunch of bacon grease to get rid of.


I will season the outside of the firebox when its still warm to keep from rusting and spray the inside as well.


If you smoke a fair amount don't re season you will build up too much oil, you are seasoning every time you cook.


Others may have some input.


You don't want this






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Great tip...even better pic! LOL



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