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pork butts at hyvee $.99 lb

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not sure if i should post this here but hy-vee has pork butts on a 2 day sale thurs. fri. sale $.99 lb i just picked up some and mite have to go back they had some nice ones! good luck 

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Saw the ad on that too.  Live 60 miles from the closest one and won't get there till Saturday...of course it is only a Thurs - Friday deal!!

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Sweet my wife wanted me to stop at Hy-vee after work to get Chicken that was on tha two day sale, looks like I will be getting some butts as well! 

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Wish I had that sale around here right now!!

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Got chicken and pork both for our feast tomorrow night. Gotta love a good sale.

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Guess I need to stock up the Freezer...

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I got two 7 pound shoulders for $14 last night. Not a bad deal if i say so my self. These will be the biggest items I have smoked once I get them on the smoker, but I am excited to try them.

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What a great deal! I buy butts wholesale for more money than that! 

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