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One Fun Weekend with lot's of Q-view

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Well it all started out with needing some more snack sticks. The last batch was a big hit so here we go with some more. Then the wife informs me that I have been volunteered to smoke a butt for her new offices Pot Luck lunch. So here's the butt with my favorite rub Old Bay and brown sugar 50/50 mix. It's sweet with a good kick at the end.

IMG_0045.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now we move on to the snack sticks. I started out with a 8lb pork butt, 11lb sirloin tip and about 5lbs of chicken. So I mixed the beef and pork for some regular sticks and then some hot ones for a friend who is like me. He doesn't have many taste buds left either.

IMG_0020-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

The one on the right is the regular and then left is the hot sticks. Now the chicken is up top. Now that's not all dark meat it is mixed with some Jerk seasonings I made from our Jamaican son's own recipe. But it does have the Scotch bonnet peppers it has some peppers (yea I'm a red pepper dad now) that we grew this year.

IMG_0019.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now we are back to the butt and sirloin tip. I used half of the beef with the snack sticks but the rest will be for sandwiches and salads.

 IMG_0027-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

Butt is ready for the foil nap.

IMG_0028-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

The beef out of the cooler and ready for the slicing for a snack. Just the way we like it med rare. I pulled it at about 138° and let it rest for an hour.

IMG_0031-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

The pork pulled and awaiting the re-heating in the steamer and it's off to the wife's office.

IMG_0037.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now we are back to the snacks sticks. Here's the collagen casings. No soaking theses.

IMG_0039.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now just filling the casing with some of my pure goodness. The regular ones are from a hi mountain mix (shh don't tell the wife) and then I mixed in some of our Japs, red pepper flakes, green peppers, onions, fresh basil, and oregano from the garden.

 IMG_0033-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now theses are the hot links with alittle fry test for tasting.

IMG_0024.jpg picture by mballi3011

The jerk chicken now it is with leg and thigh meat but the jerk seasonings are thyme, onions, scallions, pimento, garlic, allspice, red jalapenos, cardamon, cumin and ginger

IMG_0040-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now when you make sausage this is one of the better looking frigs. Just leaving the sausage to rest overnight  and letting the spices and flavors mingle. 

IMG_0043-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

Just like in Jamaica we be SMOKING Mon

IMG_0041-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

IMG_0044-1.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now we have some finished jerk chicken sausage and some (made by a friend) pesto with spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. It's might seem like an odd combo but it ended up tasting really good. Now you better like some warm sausage cause this stuff could light up the candles for ya mon

IMG_0046.jpg picture by mballi3011

We be snack-in

Well thanks for looking at my weekends work. But it was more fun then it was work. now we can enjoy the fruit of my labor for weeks to come. now it's off to the bellie meat bacon store for some new bacon recipes I have.


One Love Mon


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Looks great, Mark!

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can I be your friend 

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Sure you can butt you have to bring your own Butt and maybe some tomatoes and lettuce and some bread and some mayo and alot of Beer.

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Very nice spread, Mon 

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Mark, that was a great smoke, thanks for sharing the Q View. It's all good my friend.

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Wow Mark, You are really enjoying this hobby aren't ya....It all looks great!!!!

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Nice... That is some great looking sausage...


The other stuff looks good to but sausage is my weakness...

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