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Everything you ever wanted to know about Dry-Aging of Beef

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"Dry-Aging of Beef: Executive Summary" (8.13 MB pdf)

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nice article I will review it for information

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It's quite informative.  While you would never want to try to dry-age something in your home fridge, it might be possible to modify one to do it taking into account the temp, humidity and air-flow requirements.


I'm considering the possibility of building my own facility (eventually), and I found this info to be very objective and well-sourced.


Just thought I'd share it here since the subject has come up before.

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Interesting article.  Thanks for posting it...

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Yes thanks for posting this article. I have been really interested in dry aging meat for some time now. But I want to know all I can before I stick a perfectly good 125.00 chunk of meat into a refrig for a couple of weeks and ruin it too. I would like to know what Bbally say about this one myself.

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I have tried the Alton Brown method several times and it works pretty good.  Just set it in the fridge for a few days.  Place the steak on a couple of skewers over a plate and flip it twice a day.  I usually leave it for at least 5 days.  It works.


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Kinda old/kinda new guy here.  Look alot and need to post more.  Anyway, I have a "test" going on a 10-11# choice strip and boneless ribeye subprimal.  I need to re-learn how to post pix and stuff here but if you go to this site  you can get alot of info.  It's a bag to dry age your meat in.  If you check on the site, I plan on post'n a pic of each week.  I started on the 16th and have a pic of day 6.  I don't sell for them or anything, I'm just try'n it out and I give my honest opinion.  If you have questions I'll answer truthfully w/out too much BS ;-).  First time I've ever done this and I(nor my family) have had dry aged beef, that we know of.  When we go out to eat we usually eat seafood cause we eat meat at home and it's hard to beat homemade.


Anyway, check it out.  So far it was a real PIA bag'n the rib, it's in the second bag.  The choice went great, but was my second try.  I hope it works, so far so good.  As I post it is day 9 and all looks good. 



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Thanks for posting.  Pretty much confirms what many of us thought, regardless of what the industry is telling us.

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There are a lot of conflicting results. I think because Pallette is never factored in. People have different Beef preferences. Just like wine or beer. Carrie Oliver has the "Artisan Beef Institue" and is at th forefront of this realization IMO.... We have what she considers a "Gateway Beef". Lots of flavor but very acceptable to the Masses. However, people that like super strong flavors want something different. Find the source and Methodology that fits you best.

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