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where do --how do i find the complete 3-2-1-instructions??

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Here is a link to the directions. I just did a search for 3-2-1.

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this keeps sending me to a page that has many replies and variations..

i have already did that--along with variations [method-times-rub-foil]


i would like the simple directions for 3-2-1---
thanks for reply

as usual theres some one around here that is most helpful
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There is a simple explanation of the 3-2-1 method above all the replies.

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if u want simple directions

prep your ribs, rub em and let em sit overnight

three hours of smoking

two hours wrapped in foil with some juice,  i like apple

one hour at end out of foil and add sauce if you like it

works everytime

i change it for babybacks with 2-2-1

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What Miamirick said


3 hours on the grate



2 hours wrapped in foil with a little apple juice or cider or pineapple juice even beer or something like Dr. Pepper (it's ok to get crazy with the liquid)




1 hour unwrapped again and directly on the grate to firm things up



Note: these times are pretty close however, you may find that with practice you like to leave them in the foil a little longer or even a little less. This may or may not add additional time to the other steps.


I recommend starting with the 3-2-1 then if they are too fall apart tender you can reduce the time in the foil to say 1.5 hours while increasing the initial time on the grate by 30 minutes. That last hour is intended to firm the ribs back up a bit and help create the bark on the outside. The time in the foil tends to really tenderize the meat and will also soften the outside of the ribs to the point that there is no bark at all. I highly recommend at least 20-30 minutes on the grate no matter how long you leave them in the foil.


A few minutes of meaty side down on a hot grill may also work to firm the ribs and create some nice bark.


And just like MiamiRick said... for baby backs, just reduce the initial time on the grate by 1 hour.

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