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smoked jerk peanuts

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had to try this again and this time no oven!

first coated with equal parts butter and hot sauce

then coat em in a shaker bowl

spread out on a sheet

covered with jerk seasonings

onto the table


9-16 seafood 008.jpg


9-16 seafood 009.jpg



9-16 seafood 017.jpg



9-16 seafood 018.jpg



9-16 seafood 022.jpg


I think i wore the dog out!!!!!

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LOL---Probably dreaming about you getting back to smoking meat.

I don't think he likes peanuts!




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Looks good.


Did you start out with raw, boiled, dry roast, or does it not matter?

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Yeah, man, you've got to give us some details on all of that.

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