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seafood,salmon, scallops, shrimp and more

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made some nice seafood snacks for the boys while we watch gators beat up the vols

two kinds of salmon, browm suger and jerk

shrimp and scallops wrapped with bacon

tator tots


and some rib rolls


9-16 seafood 001.jpg


9-16 seafood 002.jpg


9-16 seafood 003.jpg


9-16 seafood 004.jpg


9-16 seafood 005.jpg


9-16 seafood 006.jpg


9-16 seafood 007.jpg


9-16 seafood 010.jpg


9-16 seafood 011.jpg



9-16 seafood 012.jpg


9-16 seafood 013.jpg


9-16 seafood 014.jpg



9-16 seafood 015.jpg


9-16 seafood 020.jpg


9-16 seafood 024.jpg


9-16 seafood 027.jpg


9-16 seafood 028.jpg


9-16 seafood 030.jpg


9-16 seafood 029.jpg


another fun day   too bad football season is so short!

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Nice I like it. Especially the Gators score.

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All the snacks look GREAT !  




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Great Spread 

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looks great rick!

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Looks Great Rick...


Love that dog...

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looks like a fun day, the tequila and seafood work together (or you could act like an aficionado and use food as an excuse to drink shhhh)

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Alway's a great looking spread, the dog looks full. LOL

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Everything looks great and the score is even better. It Nice To Be a Florida Gator and it's nice ........Ok ok the wife hates when I do that ...... But what can I say Class of 80 here. Your food looks fabulous and I will be there for the next one for sure. But you can have the salmon just get more shrimp......LOL


It's Great To Be a Florida Gator.

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Meh...other than your bad taste in football, the food looks tasty!


As much as I hate to say it, and I'm going to have to gargle with bleach after doing so, I hope UF beats Bama tonight.


Sea scallops are my favorite seafood, period. Did you smoke them or grill them? I've never smoked them before, as I fear it would overpower the scallop.


Wrapped in bacon, drizzled with EVOO, kosher salt, pepper, and lemon juice, and on the grill.


I'm cooking them tonight for comfort food after we get pounded by LSU.

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Really great looking food, my compliment on the flavor binge. Have you considered a pe-game food truck? You'd kill 'em. It;s all good my friend.

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Looks like you put out another incredible spread!  plus Bud, Jack D, chardonnay AND reposado, heck, I'll come and root for WHATEVER team you like!!   No wonder your buddy fell asleep in your lap with all those super looking eats and drinks.

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Hey Rick I am with Rich - you need to open a pre-game food truck for sure. Great job

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