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Ribs with QVIEW

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Well normally i am over in the smoker building section writing about the smoker project i am working on. But today i am taking a break from that and doing up some baby backs and posting pics for anyone that isnt going to be as lucky as me today. I have done ribs a couple of other times, and the first time turned out pretty well but might have just been a little over done. Second try was about the same except they were just a little under done and a little tougher. I believe today will finally be it. I am smoking on a modified ECB, using Royal Oak charcoal and a mix of apple and hickory chips.I put my dry rub on lastnight and had it sitting in the fridge up until 30 min ago. I will continue updates through out the day. ENJOY!!!



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Looks like you have a good start. I personally like a heavy rub down on all my meat. Enough those ribs.

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Looking good so far, keep the Qview coming...

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Sorry for the delay on this but the neighbor came over and we had a few adult beverages for a while. Anyway the ribs have been on for a little over 2 hours. They look so delicious i want to eat them now. Here is a pic i took about 45 minutes ago when i was spraying them down a bit. I am having some issues with some temp spikes but nothing too major. This is the first time i have used lump charcoal so it is taking a little getting used to.




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And here is the latest look at the ribs taken just a few minutes ago when i gave the slabs their hourly shower. You know, i think the first person that decided to drink beer wile smoking meat should be awarded the nobel peace prize or something like that.




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Changed out the coals and gave it another shower.I think i have about 2 hours left on these bad boys and then feast time!!!101_1093.JPG

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Lookin' Good "66 with Trips!


These are gonna be Great!


Can't wait for the Grand Finale!




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Well i think we are getting awefully close. The ribs have been on for about 4 hours and 15 minutes. I just gave them another shower and boy are they looking good.Let me know what you think. Good or bad. I want to know that these ribs are as good as they can be with the technique i am using.




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Alright, now we are in sight of the finish line. I just pasted on my own BBQ sauce and am planning on leaving the ribs on for 30 more minutes to let that settle down just right. I can almost taste these things and they are already delicios. ENJOY!!!




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Save me a spot a the table, I am on my way!!.


GREAT looking ribs!

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Well, i dont use sayings to often but i would say this pig is cooked.Total time: 5 hours and 35 minutes. And just in time if i might add. Storm is blowing in and i had to bring the smoker in the garage for the last 30 min. Good thing the wife isnt here. These things are amazing. I would save a spot at the table for any one of you fellas. I wish these pics would show the true story but it just is not capturing what i am seeing. I hope you enjoy!!!





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Those do look great!  Thanks for sharing the great qview!  

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I'd say there is nothing wrong with your process.. write down exactly what you did and repeat it next time


Great technique, great job keeping yourself basted with beverages as well as the ribs. They truly look wonderful and if I were anywhere near you, I'd be there in a heartbeat!!


Good job!

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Looks great. Well done!


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dang, those baby backs look soooo good!


i haven't tried those yet, but after seeing yours i sure want to give them a shot!


very nicely done!


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I have to agree with what evrybody else said.


Looking great.


Wish I was closer, I would love to have a seat in front of those.

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Awesome looking ribs there Trips !  


Bet they won't be the last!!!



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Very Nice My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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There aint nuthin wrong with that!

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Sorry I didnt get to reply yesterday guys but i was working on the smoker all day long.( which you can take a look at over at The Reverse flow forum). Anyway thank you all for your posts and comments. I had a great time working on these and cant wait for my next free weekend to try something new. Im thinking maybe a fatty this time.Again, thank you

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