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Help! Pork butt cooking Fast

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I am making pulled pork for dinner tonight for some friends. One of my pork butts is already at #180 and it is only 1. How long will it keep in my cooler before I need to pull it? 


Ugg this cold weather is causing me some issues today! Cold and windy is making smoking with my unmoded offset difficult. I has set up a make shit mod to keep my smoker warm. I took the base of my stand up brinkmann and have so e coals going  in that right below the air vent on the smoker. It is the best way I have found to keep my temps steady.

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Check and make sure the probe tip is truly centered and your temp is accurate if the other butts are slower.  It will hold quite a while in a cooler (hours.)  I would wrap in foil and put it in the oven at 200 degrees and slow it down.  It won't take much smoke if any at this point.


Good Luck.

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Let it go all the way to 200 for best results..


It will usually hold for 3-4 hours if it is wrapped in foil and in thick towels and placed in an empty cooler with towels, blankets,etc to fill in the remaining space.

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Thanks for the help, I got the temps to even off a little in the smoker and the end up getting done and resting for a little under 2 hours and the turned out great. Thanks again for the help.

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