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rib rack's

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 i have a litl tex treager  will rib rack's work  need  to do 8-9-rack's  also 3-2-1 is  that smoke  -wrap -rest in cooler ? thank's

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If the rib racks and the ribs will fit into the smoker then it'll work. Here's a link to the 3-2-1 method for Spare Ribs

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i entered a rib cook off -6 rack's of baby back's smoke 180 for 3-4 hour's wrap with sauce for 45 min at 350- rest  for 45 min am i close to being right?  any advice"  thank's 

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I am thinking 180 seems low for that time frame?  Just my 2 cents,, good luck on your 1st event and lets us know the out come...

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I'll try 225  have you ever used mustard +rub ?   thank's 

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smoked rib's at 225 -5hour's jeff's rub - misted with apple juice every hour   crowd thought they were gret . judge's did not

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