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Gosm with Yellow flame...

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I got an older Gosm and it is producing a long and yellow flame. How do you clean it so I can get that nice blue flame again like it use to have.?

                    Thanks, Blza

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Hey Blza,


Check your air screen, you have to take out the wood box and shelf and it is on the burner tube, some times they get clogged with gunk, there is a thread here with photos, try a air screen search.


If that doesn't work then take the orifice out and see if a spider has built a web there.



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...and if that doesn't give good results, the burner gas outlet holes may be dirty as well. If you have a small drill bit set, you can use a size just smaller than the holes to run in and out by hand...this should knock any burnt-on drippings and/or dirt out. To remove it completely, you should blow out the holes with compressed air while the burner inlet is faced downward.


Sometimes the best way to keep them working properly is to perform these maintenance tasks about once per year. It will help to avoid getting into a jamb when planning a smoke and finding things aren't working correctly, and also to keep you up to speed with what it takes to keep things working right. My 1.25 year old Smoke Vault 24 is acting up in a similar fashion too, so, I best get with the program myself...LOL!!!!!!



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Thanks guy's for the info! It is really dirty inside the smoker ... so it probably needs a good cleaning. I want to check the screen out also. There could be a spider nest in there....LOL Who knows!!!!

                     Thanks for the help, Blza

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I went and cleaned out the inside of my smoker and used my air compressor to blow out the air screen and venturi tube... that did the trick ! A nice blue flame again instead of a yellow flame like I had. Thanks for the info guy's



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