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My First Fatties with Q-View

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As I said I smoked my first fatties on Sunday and here is how it went.  Mexican Fattie Ingredients were Chorizo Sausage,  Poblano Peppers, garlic, Hatch Green Chilies, Onions and Tillamook Jack Cheese.IMG_0579.JPG

The roll Which we now know to leave a little room on the edgesIMG_0580.JPG

All rolled up and Ready for their Smoking JacketsIMG_0581.JPG


I thought they might be a little Lonely smoking by themselves so i threw some ABT buddies in With them.  Just a  little garlic, Chorizo sausage (cooked), a Little Caribbean Pepper, and Cream Cheese.


Headed to the SmokerIMG_0583.JPG

Everybody Playing Friendly with each otherIMG_2088.JPG

Out and resting after a long hard smoke.IMG_2089.JPG

Cut and Ready to serve it's PurposeIMG_2090.JPG

On the Plate & Served


A few Observations. The next of many fatties that i will smoke i will use regular, not thick bacon, also i will not make the weave so tight. It was a great weekend my DW got involved and we had one hell of a good time smoking together, in fact with out her I'm sure it would have been a failure. Hope you all enjoy and No there are no left overs.

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If these are your first, I can't wait to see how they look after you get a couple dozen under your belt.


Looks Great!!!

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Thanks tom, we had fun doing it.  By the way that is one hell of a chiefs smoker you got, Very Impressive.  we looked good Monday night.

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Those turned out awesome.  Man this just made me really hungry. I have used thick and thin cut bacon and definitely like the thin better.

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Not bad for a first... Just wait until you get some practice...LOL 


They look delicious.

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Now if those are your first you rock.

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man - that looks awesome!!!  How long did you smoke it and at what temp?  I can't wait to make my first one.....

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i've gotta say, that is a beauty!


and it's all the more impressive that it's your first!  dang! 


those ABTs are rockin' too


plus, it's super cool your wife got into it too.   that's livin' the dream right there!  

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I smoked them at about 200 for 4 hours then lit them up to about 300 for 30 or so minutes to crisp the bacon.  thanks for all the comments as i said we had a great time and working up recipes for more.

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Absolutely Great !



Thanks for the view!




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